Welcome to the Channel Islands Brussels Office

Welcome to the website of the Channel Islands Brussels Office (CIBO).

The Channel Islands are located in the English Channel off the Normandy coast. They comprise the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Bailiwick of Jersey, each of which is a self-governing, autonomous dependency of the British Crown. 

CIBO was opened in 2011 to promote the interests of the Channel Islands in Europe, to represent the Channel Islands to the EU institutions, and to advise the governments of Guernsey and Jersey on EU policy issues.

th Channel Islands and The European Union


In this website you will find further information about CIBO, about the Channel Islands, and about the relationship between the EU and the Channel Islands.

You will find an update on our activities in the news section and also some useful links. If you require any further information, or have any comments or queries, please contact us.

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