Visit to Brussels of Jersey Minister for External Relations


On 7-8 March 2018 the Jersey Minister for External Relations, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, visited Brussels.  Senator Bailhache met Danuta Hübner MEP, the Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) for an exchange of views on the Channel Islands’ relations with the EU and the impact of Brexit. Senator Bailhache’s programme also included meetings with diplomatic representatives from Andorra, Liechtenstein, the Faroe Islands and Gibraltar. These meetings were an opportunity to exchange views on the development of our respective relations with the EU, including in the context of Brexit.  Senator Bailhache also met with representatives of the Brussels offices of the UK Law Societies and Open Europe.

In conjunction with Senator Bailhache’s visit, CIBO prepared a background note on “the Channel Islands and Brexit”.


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