Irish EU Presidency: Joint Channel Islands Ministerial Visit to Dublin

The Deputy Chief Minister of Guernsey, Deputy Le Tocq, and the Assistant Chief Minister of Jersey, Senator Bailhache, paid a joint visit to Dublin on 4 September for talks focused on EU issues, looking ahead to the Irish Presidency of the EU from 1 January 2013. Meetings were held with the Irish Minister for European Affairs, Lucinda Creighton TD, the senior European adviser to the Taoiseach, Geraldine Byrne Nason, and the British Ambassador, Dominick Chilcott. CIBO coordinated the visit preparations and accompanied the Ministers.

Speaking on the eve of the trip, Deputy Le Tocq commented:
“Ireland is a long-standing friend of Guernsey and the Channel Islands through the British-Irish Council. It is one of the EU Member States that has always defended the integrity of the European single market, striving to keep it open and outward looking. The purpose of the trip is to find out more about the priorities that the Irish government has for its Presidency – including of course the handling of the Eurozone crisis and seeking to stimulate growth and jobs. It will also be an opportunity to discuss particular dossiers in areas of interest to the Channel Islands like international co-operation, financial services, e-commerce, aviation, and data protection.”

and Senator Bailhache commented:
“Members of Jersey’s Council of Ministers have met with members of Guernsey’s Policy Council a number of times since May. We have all committed to a more joined-up Channel Islands approach on international relations – this is the first significant step in delivering on that commitment. I am delighted to be working on EU issues with Deputy Le Tocq. Working together we will be stronger.”

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