Independent report published on value of Jersey’s finance sector to the European economy

A report entitled “Jersey’s Value to Europe” was published on 19 October 2016. The report was produced by the economic research company Capital Economics and had been commissioned by Jersey Finance Limited, the industry body for the finance sector in Jersey. Capital Economics conducted a similar study in 2013 on “Jersey’s Value to Britain” and that research has also been recently updated. The Value to Europe report focuses on the rest of the EU (non-UK). It provides the most detailed independent assessment to date of Jersey’s net contribution to the European economy. The report finds that Jersey is a conduit for an estimated €188 billion of foreign investment into the EU (non-UK) economy, equivalent to 4% of the EU’s total net international inward investment, and assesses that that investment supports around 88,000 European jobs. The report also finds that around one third of all fund assets administered and managed in Jersey are located in EU countries other than the UK.

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