EU Commission confirms Channel Islands airports meet EU aviation security standards

On 20 June the Commission published Regulation 687/2014 which officially confirmed that airports in Guernsey and Jersey meet the equivalent standards for civil aviation security as those set out in Regulation 672/2009. The Commission’s decision followed consultation with the EU’s Aviation Security Committee.

By way of background, although the Channel Islands are not part of the UK and are outside the EU for aviation purposes, for international aviation law purposes the Channel Islands  are considered part of the UK as Contracting State to the International Convention for Civil Aviation 1944 (‘the Chicago Convention’).  Thus for international aviation regulatory purposes, other than EU, the Channel Islands are effectively part of the UK and apply the same rules accordingly.

The Channel Islands therefore apply, and comply with, the UK National Aviation Security Programme (‘NASP’) and their airports are inspected on a regular basis by the UK Department for Transport (DfT) to ensure their continuing compliance with the UK NASP.  

The Channel Islands’ own aviation security legislation mirrors all the relevant requirements in place in the UK (including the UK’s more stringent measures).  All the airports in the Channel Islands continue to be inspected on a regular basis by the DfT. These inspections are based on recognised EU methodology to ensure that aviation security measures are effectively and properly implemented in line with EU requirements.

The Channel Islands aviation security regime is therefore identical to that of the UK,  and the Commission Regulation provides official recognition of the Channel Islands as compliant third countries under the EU aviation security regime in accordance with EU legislation. 

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