About the Bailiwick of Jersey

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Jersey’s Parliament is the ‘States of Jersey’ which consists of 49 elected members from a mix of island-wide and parochial constituencies. All 49 States members are elected as independent members and there are no political parties represented in the Assembly. The States is divided into 10 departments which deal with different sides of Island life including Health, Education and Economic Development.

  • Jersey is 100 miles south of UK and 14 miles from the French coast.
  • Population: 107,800 (2019); area: 45 square miles.
  • GDP: £5,087 million (2021)
  • The currency is the Pound Sterling (GBP).
  • The Island is self-financing and has a varied economy, with particular strengths in financial services, agriculture and tourism.
  • Jersey citizens have British nationality.
  • The King is the Head of State. His Majesty is represented in the Bailiwick by the Lieutenant-Governor, Vice Admiral Jeremy Kyd CBE.
  • The Chief Minister is Deputy Kristina Moore.
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