About the Bailiwick of Guernsey

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The Bailiwick of Guernsey comprises three separate jurisdictions: Guernsey, Alderney and Sark. Guernsey is the largest, and most populous, island in the Bailiwick. There are close constitutional, cultural and economic links between the islands and the parliaments work closely together.

  • Guernsey’s parliament is the ‘States of Deliberation’ and consists of 38 democratically elected Guernsey members and two elected Alderney representatives.  There are no political parties in Guernsey.  The States consists of a senior committee and six principal committees.
  • The States of Deliberation can legislate for the Bailiwick in criminal matters and can legislate for the Bailiwick in any other matter with the agreement of the States of Alderney and Chief Pleas of Sark. Under a 1948 agreement Guernsey has responsibility for certain services in Alderney which extends, inter alia, to the airfield and breakwater, immigration, police, social services, health and education.
  • Guernsey’s population is 63,196 (end June 2019), its area is 24 square miles.

The Island of Alderney is 8 miles from the French coast

  • Alderney’s Parliament is the ‘States of Alderney’ it has 11 democratically elected members, two of which sit in Guernsey’s States of Deliberation and have full voting rights. There are no political parties in Alderney.
  • Alderney’s population is 1,985 (end of March 2017), its area is 3 square miles.

The Island of Sark is 20 miles from the French coast

  • Sark’s Parliament is the ‘Chief Pleas of Sark’ which consists of 28 democratically elected members. There are no political parties on Sark.
  • Sark’s population is 600, its area is 2 square miles.

There are also a number of smaller islands in the Bailiwick. Herm is the largest of these, and is 3 miles from Guernsey. The other islands are: Jethou, (just off the coast of Herm), Lihou (just off the coast of Guernsey), Burhou (just off the coast of Alderney) and Breqhou (just off the coast of Sark).

  • GDP: £3,272 million for 2018.
  • The currency is the Pound Sterling (GBP).
  • Economy based on financial services, tourism, manufacturing, horticulture, construction and retail.
  • Guernsey citizens have British nationality.
  • The Queen is the Head of State. Her Majesty is represented in the Bailiwick by Lieutenant-Governor Vice Admiral Ian Corder KBE, CB.
  • The Chief Minister is Deputy Peter Ferbrache.
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