Jersey and Guernsey extend fishing transition periods


On 28 June 2021 the Government of Jersey announced that it had offered to extend, for three months, the transition period allowing certain French vessels to continue to fish in Jersey waters. This transition period had been due to expire on 30 June.  See here for the full text of the announcement.

Commenting on the announcement, the Jersey Minister for External Relations, Senator Ian Gorst, said:

Jersey welcomes the engagement on both a technical and political level with the UK, EU and France on resolving the complex and challenging issues around fishing. The relationship with France is hugely important to Jersey in so many ways. We know aspects of that relationship have been difficult recently, but want to ensure we work through the issues, fulfilling the terms of the TCA and ensuring the sustainability of fishing in our waters. We are offering this extension to the amnesty period to allow the continuation of discussions. Work to establish how to translate the ‘extent and nature’ provision of the TCA into licensing must continue apace, it is an important element of the TCA and we must all recognise it has genuine meaning.”

The Jersey Minister for Environment, Deputy John Young, said:

“I hope this extra time will allow real progress and we have included certain steps along the way over the next few months to ensure the situation moves forward at a greater rate, which will benefit all fishermen. We urge French and EU authorities to ensure all data has been sent through during the next few weeks. We must guarantee fishing in the Island’s waters is sustainable, whilst being compliant with the terms of the TCA.”


In March 2021, the States of Guernsey agreed to extend the interim licensing arrangements for French vessels on a monthly basis.  This was in response to a request by the European Commission to extend this arrangement until the end of June while the remaining technical issues were resolved.  While good progress has been made, the European Commission has sought further extensions to this interim arrangement. Discussions are being intensified so that the TCA licenses can be issued at the earliest opportunity.  The Guernsey Committee for Economic Development agreed on 24 June to further extend this interim arrangement on a monthly basis to maintain stability for all parties in the meantime.”

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